The Top 4 Kinds Of Wheelchairs You Should Know About

For many people, wheelchairs are important. The ones who are unable to move around on their own, they use the wheelchair for increased mobility. Those who are recovering from some illness or surgery, for them wheelchairs are just temporary. They need something to increase their mobility, help them move around till healing takes place. Nowadays, there is great variety in wheelchairs. People buy wheelchairs as per their needs and suitability. The ones who experienced disability, for them it is mandatory to use the wheelchair. There are mainly 4 kinds of wheelchairs.

The General Wheelchair

Among all kind of wheelchairs, the most commonly used wheelchair is a general wheelchair. Featuring a foldable metallic frame, sling support for the seats and the backs, this type of wheelchair is used commonly in the hospitals. It is easy and flexible.

Self-Propelled Wheelchair For More Independence

If the user craves for more independence, he may use the self-propelled wheelchair. The rider can himself push the wheelchair if he wants. They feature larger wheels when compared to the general wheelchair. A person with any disability can use this wheelchair to enjoy more independence.

Motorized Wheelchair

This is the most popular kind of wheelchair where no manual effort is needed to move the wheelchair. It is most convenient or suitable for the users. The user will enjoy the greater sense of accomplishment by using this wheelchair.

Sports Wheelchair

It is used by the ones who like to play their favorite sport. So, you may still play your favorite sport if you cannot run.