How To Buy A Suitable Wheelchair For Your Purpose?

Buying a wheelchair is a difficult task. You may follow certain tips to buying a wheelchair. There are mainly two kinds of wheelchairs. They are – transport wheelchairs and standard wheelchairs. The standard wheelchair is mostly operated by the user but may be pushed by the helper. There are two small wheels in the front and two large wheels at the back of the standard wheelchair. On the other hand, transport wheelchair much unlike a standard wheelchair, cannot be operated by the user himself. There has to be some helper or family member to push the transport wheelchair. All the wheels in the transport wheelchair are smaller compared to a standard wheelchair.

Buy Wheelchair As Per The Armrest

It is better to buy a wheelchair featuring proper armrest. Armrest should be there to support the arms of the user. You may opt for either desk length armrest or the full-length armrest. If you go for desk length armrest, it will be smaller or shorter to permit the user to access desk, counters, and tables. The full-length armrest has the length of the arms. There are various options in the armrest. You may choose between fixed, removable or flip armrests. You may choose as per your level of comfort.

The Kind Of Legrest Or Footrest

When buying a wheelchair, you need to consider footrest or leg rest. Leg rest may be elevated and carry calf pad for additional support and comfort. You may also use locking feature to lock legrest in any comfortable position.